Tamer group strikes deal with Open Medical for digital health transformation in the KSA

SAUDI ARABIA – Tamer Group has entered into an exclusive distribution pact with London-based Open Medical to deliver the latter’s award-winning, market-leading digital transformation solutions to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Open Medical is a market-leading provider of integrated platforms to synchronize, prioritize and visualize clinical workflows across regions, hospitals and departments to support data-driven care delivery.

Its best-in-breed platform, PathpointⓇ, provides tailored digital transformation solutions designed to enhance and streamline care across the healthcare ecosystem while reducing providers’ costs and empowering clinicians to deliver data-driven care for patients.

Through the partnership with Tamer Group, the London-based company will be supporting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the healthcare transformation journey towards Vision 2030.

Open Medical aims to support the forward-thinking visionaries of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in their drive to redefine the quality and efficiency of healthcare,” the company said in a statement.

The partnership will allow Open Medical to collaborate with healthcare providers, payers, and medical device and pharmaceutical organisations to create ground-breaking digital solutions.

Throughout the transformation journey, its digital transformation solutions will integrate seamlessly within the KSA in terms of the healthcare ecosystem to offer countless benefits.

Open Medical, through its collaboration with Tamer Group, aims to improve patient outcomes, engagement, and satisfaction while tackling unique, complex challenges within the healthcare ecosystem.

Waiting times for treatment and hospital stays are shortened, and cancellations and travel to hospitals are minimized through effective procedure scheduling, remote triage, and monitoring,” the digital health firm pointed out.

With Open Medical’s digital solutions, hospitals and clinics can also boost efficiency, improve processes, and maximize resource utilization, all while cutting costs. The solutions provide customized end-to-end digital transformation to streamline processes.

The solutions are fully governed and comply with local data protection regulations, allowing for a comprehensive and effective integrated care system of synergistic solutions that enable value-based care,” the company stated.

Open Medical pointed out that its digital solutions will promote real-time communication and collaboration between multidisciplinary teams and patients, thereby increasing visibility to all healthcare professionals across the entire patient journey.

In addition, the cloud-based solutions are scalable across specialties, regions, distributed teams, and health clusters of any size while providing users with real-time data insights that can support future service planning, and improved resource allocation.

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