Sreenath Reddy takes charge as Life Healthcare Group’s CFO

UAE – Acclaimed healthcare leader Sreenath Reddy has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer of Life Healthcare Group.

Life Healthcare Group operates the largest network of pharmacies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with 370 stores and manages 18 GP clinics and 5 medical centers.

Its subsidiary Nutripharm is one the largest healthcare distributors in the country represents more than 170 brands.

Moreover, Life recently expanded its global footprint into the Indian retail pharmacy market with the launch of two pharmacy hypermarkets. 

Life Board of Directors announced in an official statement that Sreenath will manage the group’s diverse operations and expansions in the Gulf countries as well as the Indian subcontinent.

He has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry besides being is a chartered accountant and lawyer who has served in various senior management roles.

Prior to his appointment, Sreenath worked at Aster DM Healthcare where he played a central role in its growth and development as a leading healthcare provider in India and the GCC.

He was also instrumental in the development of Narayana Health into one of India’s leading healthcare organizations during his 10-year spell as the CFO.

Life Healthcare underscored that Sreenath is known for his business acumen and pragmatic leadership that has been instrumental in transforming the healthcare organizations during his tenure.

On his part, Mr. Abdul Nazar, Chairman of Life Healthcare said: “We are excited to welcome on board Sreenath who is a highly reputed healthcare professional with an unparalleled track record.”

As a home grown brand, we did phenomenally well in the last 25 years, playing a significant role in redefining healthcare retailing in the UAE,” he noted.

Mr. Nazar said that the group envisions making healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone, stating that they are aiming to have 100 pharmacies and 15 pharmacy hypermarkets by the end of 2023 in India.

 He underscored that it is important to have leaders with strategic rigour and strong executional capabilities to realize Life Healthcare’s vision.

We are confident that Sreenath will complement our ambitions to become a global healthcare conglomerate in the next 10 years.” Life Healthcare Chairman stated.

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