Sanofi onboards new leaders into its executive committee and announces future Chair of Euroapi

FRANCE – Sanofi has appointed Roy Papatheodorou and Brendan O’Callaghan as their respective replacements, joining the company’s Executive Committee.

Additionally, Viviane Monges will join EUROAPI, a future leading European company dedicated to the development, production, and marketing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), as an independent non-executive Chair of the Supervisory Board.

Together, these appointments underscore the company’s strategy to further increase the diversity and cultural backgrounds of the executives leading Sanofi’s modernization.

EUROAPI is a new industry unveiled by Sanofi with the aim of becoming Europe’s leading Active Pharmaceutical Industry (API) company.

The company will represent the “made in Europe” API state-of-the-art industrial capabilities and technologies, with approximately €1 billion (US$1.19B) in expected sales by 2022.

Addressing recent increasing medicine shortages that critically impact patient care, EUROAPI will ensure additional API supply capacities for Europe and beyond, and help balancing the industry’s heavy reliance on API sourced from other regions.

About Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

API are the portion of any drug that creates the planned effects. Certain drugs, such as combination therapies, have numerous active ingredients to handle diverse symptoms or perform in diverse ways.

According to a comprehensive research report by Market Research Future (MRFR), the API market is anticipated to touch USD 312 Billion by 2028 at a steady CAGR of 6.2%.

The manufacture of APIs has conventionally been accomplished by the pharmacological companies themselves in their home-based locations.

Nevertheless, many establishments have chosen to send manufacturing out of the country in recent years to reduce costs.

This has triggered significant variations to how these medications are legalized, with more rigorous guiding principles and inspections being put into place as a result.

The collective rates of chronic diseases have mounted significantly in the past few years due to amplified exposure to risk influences and improved detection of the illnesses at their initial stages.

This intensifying endorsement of biopharmaceuticals is appraised to play out in support of the active pharmaceutical ingredient business in the coming period.

The development in condensed new drug applications (ANDA) displays a sudden spike due to enhanced backing into the R & D aspect for handling several ailments.

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