Revital Healthcare EPZ Ltd signs indenture with Tanzania to supply medical equipment

KENYA – Revital Healthcare, a medical disposable products manufacturing company in Kilifi Kenya, has received an order to supply 11 million Covid-19 vaccine syringes to Tanzania.

Revital Healthcare EPZ is the only manufacturer of the COVID-19 test kits in Africa and one of the 66 manufacturers in the world which is USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) certified.

This comes amid improved relations between Kenya and Tanzania since President Samia Suluhu took over leadership.

According to Revital Healthcare sales and market product development director, Roneek Vora, the Tanzanian market is now opening up ever since Tanzanian President Suluhu’s state visit to Kenya in early May.

We have started to get a lot of enquiries for the COVID test kits that we manufacture from Tanzania,” said Vora.

Kenyan firms are keen to tap the Tanzanian market as the country joins the world in dealing with the pandemic.

We had a meeting this morning with one of my suppliers in Tanzania who is now interested to place orders for the COVID test kits, PPEs, surgical face masks, and other kits that we manufacture,” said Vora.

The firm has the capacity to produce 80,000 test kits a day. The manufacturer also produces surgical face masks, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), among other medical equipment.

The latest product they manufacture is the Covid-19 antigen rapid diagnostic test kits.

Revital Healthcare recently flagged off two shipments of two million pieces of 1ml conventional vaccine syringes to three European countries–Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

This is the first time in history, not only for the Kenya government and for Kenya at large but even for Revital to be exporting vaccine syringes to Europe,” said Vora.

The Kilifi firm has also exported the syringes to other African countries including Uganda, Malawi, Eritrea and DRC. Last week, the firm flagged off a shipment of syringes to Uganda.

We won a contract with the Ugandan government for the shipment of 13.5 million 1ml conventional vaccine syringes. We have done two shipments this month,” said Vora.

So far, about four million of the vaccine syringes have been delivered to Uganda.

This month, we have done UNICEF, WHO, and we have supplied to CHMP through WHO. And all these syringes are going to COVAX facility from where they will be transported to different centers around the world,” said Vora.

Revital Healthcare plans to expand its products by introducing a whole new line of other rapid diagnostic test kits including malaria, hepatitis, cancer, dengue, among others.

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