Philips’ IntelliSite pathology suite to bode well for digital pathology diagnostics

NETHERLANDS – Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology has announced the launch of its next-generation digital pathology solution, putting digital pathology at the heart of enterprise-wide healthcare informatics.

The Philips Digital Pathology Suite – IntelliSite – is a comprehensive, scalable suite of software tools and capabilities designed to help streamline workflows, improve diagnostic confidence, facilitate team collaboration, integrate artificial intelligence (AI), and increase pathology lab efficiency.

Philip’s IntelliSite Pathology Suite (PIPS) is the first FDA-approved digital pathology system in the market.

According to Fortune Business Insights, Philips’ Intellisite approval will encourage other pathology device manufacturers to develop their own patents and use PIPS as a reference.

Pathologists and related clinical centers that had been holding off on purchasing any type of pathology system until they received regulatory approval would now gladly invest in and purchase Philips’ Intellisite as a result of the FDA approval.

Such factors will encourage new market entrants as well as existing companies to innovate and improve their products in order to compete with Philips.

Pathology is critical to healthcare delivery, with 70 percent of life-changing decisions involving a laboratory or pathology test.

Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution provides an open, scalable, and interoperable platform that enables flexibility in image analysis software tool deployments, reinforcing Philips’ commitment to the Open Pathology platform.

Pathology labs, however, are facing major pressures on multiple fronts due to current resource shortages, an increase in the volume of complex requests, and workflow inefficiencies across systems and departments.

Accordingly, pathology departments must find new ways to adapt as they are limited in time and resources and are expected to accomplish more at lower costs.

As a result, pathology is beginning to transition to a digital discipline, bringing exciting new possibilities that can aid, streamline, and improve diagnostic and clinical decision making – allowing labs to continue to meet the highest standards while also driving healthcare transformation forward.

Digital Pathology Suite includes a range of three pathology slide scanners, as well as Pathology Workspace – Image Management System – a comprehensive set of software tools.

Superior image quality and advanced algorithms, such as automatic tissue shape detection and non-rectangular optimization of regions of interest, boost diagnostic confidence.

Patient-centric histology data can also be easily shared across enterprises and between sites thanks to vendor-agnostic data interoperability.

The company hopes to improve its ability to turn data into actionable insights and drive the right care in the right sequence at the right time by developing and integrating AI-enabled applications.

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