Mankind Pharma forays into critical care space

INDIA – Mankind Pharma has announced its entry into critical care by launching Saviour Mankind, a division dedicated to life-saving injectables.

According to a company statement, the division has begun operations with products ranging from anti-infectives to stroke and trauma management.

Through Saviour Mankind, the company will also introduce certain ‘first time in India’ products, which will provide additional armamentarium for doctors and complement their efforts in addressing the challenges posed by rising rates of antimicrobial resistance in India.

Mankind Pharma is excited to collaborate with doctors and ICU staff on a daily basis through this new division.

Frequent stockouts of critical-care products during the COVID-19 pandemic prompted the company to step in and support the medical community with products critical in the resuscitation of critically ill patients.

Speaking on the launch Sheetal Arora, CEO, Mankind Pharma, stated, “Since inception, Mankind Pharma has pioneered the philosophy of ‘Serving Life’ and the launch of Saviour Mankind is one more step in the same direction. Through this division, we hope to partner with our doctors in saving lives of critically ill patients. Mankind Pharma stands strong with our fellow Indians and facilitating easy access to such medicines will prove life-saving for multitude of patients.

Critical care medications are in high demand in the country. Mankind Pharma stated with the launch that it aspires to help the community live a healthy life by formulating, developing, commercializing, and delivering affordable and accessible medicines that meet patients’ urgent medical needs.

Mankind Pharma, which began operations in 1995, now has 34 overseas locations and employs 16,000 people.

The company hopes to help the community live a healthy life by formulating, developing, commercializing, and delivering affordable and accessible medicines that meet patients’ urgent medical needs, according to the statement.

Further to that, Mankind Pharma held a free liver screening (LFT) camp in Varanasi and Moradabad to raise awareness about liver-related conditions and diseases.

The event sheds light on why it is critical to keep the liver healthy and free of disease. According to the World Health Organization, liver disease affects millions of patients in India each year and is the tenth leading cause of death.

Mankind Pharma launched a liver screening program in which over 100 people were tested for Liver function tests. Dr. Asad Hafeez (MD Medicine), Dr. Ravi Ranjan (MD Medicine), Dr. Gautam Das Gupta (MD Medicine), and Dr. Arup Das Gupta then provided consultations (MD Medicine).

Liver diseases are silent killers because the liver tolerates all of the stress until it is fairly advanced and damaged to the point of no return, a condition known as liver cirrhosis.

Patients are generally asymptomatic in the early stages of fatty liver. As we all know, prevention is preferable to cure, and a regular health check-up is the simplest and most effective way to eliminate any disease.

The doctors discussed the screening results and the next steps in treatment during the consultation. The initiative’s goal is to educate people that if they encounter a problem, they should not ignore it, and that timely testing and treatment are required to maintain liver health.

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