Management software, “Bloom”, revolutionizes mPharma’s operations

GHANA – Bloom, a management software used by mPharma, has allowed the Ghanaian healthcare startup to coordinated pharmacies within its network sell medicines at the same price to customers, a remarkable milestone.

Bloom enables mPharma to quickly standardized operations by networking the pharmacies through a technology platform. It has enabled the pharmacies to introduce mutti, a membership-based loyalty program and implement primary care services, including point of care testing and disease management solutions.

In July, mPharma inked a deal with Absa bank Ghana to launch Absa Mutti, a platform that allows Absa’s 40,000 customers to have access to Mutti health membership benefits, further growing the Mutti network.

Mutti platform enables subscribers to purchase high-quality medications at lower prices through flexible payment terms, a payment plan that reduces the high upfront cost that patients have to make before they receive their medications at pharmacies.

In the last month, mPharma has managed to expand its network of pharmacies by a further 100 community pharmacies and pharmacies franchised through pioneer program QualityRx.

QualityRx enables conversion franchising of the individual retail centers to ensure communities have access to pharmacies that are in good condition with timely services and stocked with necessary medications.

Founded in 2013, venture-backed, and headquartered in Ghana, mPharma has expanded its operations to four other African countries, namely Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, and Rwanda, and currently has a network of over 300 pharmacies serving more than 100,000 patients each month.

Noting the remarkable growth and service delivery, mPharma was nominated alongside Nigeria’s 54Gene as the most promising technology pioneers by World Economic Forum (WEF) this year.

The Ghanaian healthcare start-up was also listed among five breakthrough innovative companies that will receive awards and participate in Morgan Stanley’s first initiative that aims to advance systemic solutions for complex sustainability challenges across the World.

Speaking about the progress made by the company, mPharma CEO and Co-Founder Gregory Rockson did not fail to comment on the rather unconventional colors mPharma has applied to its linked outlets.

I love colours. More healthcare organizations need to put much thought into the colours they use at their facilities. They are a great way to convey trust and empathy to patients,” Rockson said.

He also added that it is his dream to see the famous mPharma flower become the most recognizable healthcare logo on the African continent.

“When patients see that logo embroidered on a pharmacy, they associate it with quality and patient-centered care.”

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