Islamic Development Bank partners with Light for The World to offer Covid-19 relief support

BURKINA FASO – The Islamic development bank (ISDB), together with its poverty alienation arm, Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD), has entered into a collaboration with Light for The World to offer assistance to communities hardest hit by the covid-19 pandemic in Burkina Faso.

Light for the World is a global disability & development organization working around the world to assist people with disabilities to fully exercise their rights.

This collaboration will offer support to the national health system to protect vulnerable people, education support to enable children with disabilities to continue their learning and provision of food and supplies to vulnerable families affected by income loss.

Elie Bagbila, Director of Light for the World Burkina Faso, has been part of this project from the start. “Thanks to this partnership we could react quickly when the crisis emerged and get support to where it was needed most. Together we are more effective in making the world a more accessible place,” he says.

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Mohammad Jawabreh who serves as Senior Program Management Specialist at the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development, says this unique partnership will be instrumental to Burkina Faso, a country that has been adversely affected by the pandemic, in ensuring no one is left behind in humanitarian responses.

Ahmed Berthe, Lead NGO and Civil Society at the Resilience and Social Development Department of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) reflects on the impact of covid-19 on individual and national resilience.

He says countries are facing high pressure on their healthcare systems, communities and citizens’ lives and livelihoods.

ISDB has been instrumental in assisting needy African states romp up their healthcare systems to protect the lives of citizens.

A while back, the bank, in partnership with ISFD and Alliance to Fight Avoidable Blindness (AFAB), carried out an exercise to help mitigate cataract caused blindness in Djibouti.

The alliance managed to oversee over 1000 cataract surgeries and asses the condition of 11,709 patients.  

Speaking during conclusion of the mission, Djibouti Minister for Health, Mr. Mohamed Warsama Direh, thanked the Islamic Development Bank for having successfully accomplished the mission to assist patients suffering from visual impairment in the country.

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