Ugandan Government to accelerate key pending reproductive health policies

UGANDA – The government of Uganda and Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU) have agreed to accelerate the implementation of critical reproductive health policies and pledges.

Among the important policies and commitments mentioned are the proposed national health policy for 2018, the national adolescent health policy, and the 2016 Universal Periodic Review commitments on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).

According to Dr. Dinah Nakiganda, Assistant Commissioner for Adolescent and School Health, understanding not only the status of the school health policy and its road map is critical if the policy is to be implemented on time, but also understanding the key SRHR issues that adolescents and young people in Uganda face today.

She believes that incorporating underlying SRHR issues into policies and commitments would help the goals.

The Ministry of Education and Sports’ Senior Educationist Henry Semakula examines the upcoming Universal Periodic Review process, which he believes should be aligned to ensure that policies and pledges are met on time.

They agreed to work closely with civil society organizations (CSOs) to align the draft National School Health Policy with the draft Regulatory Impact Assessment Report to ensure that concerns and solutions are consistent.

They also agreed to include Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU) as a partner in the development and implementation of Uganda’s National School Health Policy through the Right Here, Right Now-2 project (RHRN-2).

Javier, the UNHCR delegate, stated that his organization will work closely with RHU’s Right Here Right Now-2 project to strengthen the universal periodic reviews and Uganda’s 2016 promises.

According to Samuel Mwandara, RHU Right Here, Right Now-2 project Coordinator, the commitments from government ministries, civil society organizations, and UNHCR indicate a good working relationship that will foster a good environment to achieve RHU and the Right Here, Right Now-2 project’s objections in Uganda.

The Right Here, Right Now 2 (RHRN2) Partnership was formed to ensure that young people from all walks of life have access to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in gender-just communities.

The initiative, now led by RHU and six other partners, aims to increase public support for young people’s SRHR, reform policies and regulations, and strengthen civil society through youth empowerment.

According to Mwandara, the project’s main strategies are lobbying and advocacy, which are supported by mutual capacity-building.

The RHRN2 initiative is not afraid to address contentious issues such as SRHR education and information, safe abortion, and the rights of marginalized people such as girls, young women, and other vulnerable and marginalized communities.

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