Lafiya Telehealth unveils innovative electronic healthcare kits aimed at bolstering telehealth

NIGERIA – LaFiya TeleHealth, a Nigerian m-health startup with a mission to provide affordable healthcare access to the uninsured and underserved anytime and everywhere, has launched a new innovative medical health care point kit.

This electronic kit will allow users to receive on-demand physical exams via live video chat with a doctor’s office using integrated medical exams devices. It also transmits test results to an electronic health record for easy real time monitoring.

According to Tonye Mayomi, Head, Sales and Business Development at LaFiya, healthcare is about enhancing the quality of life and living and that’s what LaFiya TeleHealth is all about. It addresses healthcare from accessibility to finance, to preventability and to curative. Best of all, it levels the quality of healthcare for all.

The new innovative AI and Medical IOT-powered kits provide 24/7-telehealth and telemedicine access to home and overseas medical doctors.

It equally provides care right from the comfort of the home beyond video and voice calls, including online prescription, tele-diagnosis and referral when needed via smartphone, computer and AI-powered medical kiosk.

The home telehealth care kit empowers patients to conduct provider-guided, comprehensive medical exams – all from the LaFiya TeleHealth website and app, which can be downloaded on the Android Play Store and Apple Store.

Explaining further, Mayomi stated that the solar and satellite broadband powered community walk-in telehealth care kioskdoubles as a medical kiosk entrepreneurship program to empower rural communities, provide employment opportunities, reduce poverty and stimulate the economy.

Further, telemedicine improves healthcare outcomes, develops communities, facilitates health education, saves lives in emergencies and eliminates the possibility of transmitting infectious diseases between patients and healthcare professionals.

Other equipment anchored on the electronic kit include the complete blood count analyzer and an all-in-one ultrasound probe kit.

Meanwhile, the Lagos based startup has partnered with top financial institutions like GTB and Zenith Bank to facilitate accessibility to loan for individuals, groups and healthcare facilities in the purchase of the medical health care point stations.

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